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Are you a business owner in Torrance, CA, facing financial challenges? Our team of experienced business bankruptcy attorneys specializes in providing tailored solutions to help you navigate through financial distress. We offer comprehensive legal support for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 ensuring the best possible outcome for your business. The firm has received the highest possible rating of “AV” for both quality and integrity from the authoritative Martindale Hubbell listing of law firms and attorneys.

Los Angeles Business Bankruptcy Lawyers | Expert Debt Reorganization & Relief

Our Los Angeles business bankruptcy lawyers specialize in assisting businesses to reorganize and discharge debts effectively. Through expert guidance in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings, we help businesses develop reorganization plans to keep operations running while managing financial obligations. Our goal is to provide legal strategies tailored to each business’s unique situation, ensuring a path to financial recovery and stability. Contact us for a consultation and learn how we can help your business overcome financial distress.

Chapter 7

Chapter 11

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation process designed for businesses that can no longer sustain operations due to overwhelming debt. In Chapter 7, a trustee is appointed to sell the business’s assets, with the proceeds used to pay off creditors. This type of bankruptcy typically takes 3 to 6 months to complete and results in the closure of the business. It’s best suited for businesses with few assets and no viable path to profitability.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy allows businesses to continue operations while reorganizing their debts. This type of bankruptcy is designed for businesses that have a viable future but need to restructure their financial obligations. Chapter 11 involves creating a reorganization plan, which must be approved by the court and creditors. This process can take several months to a few years and is more complex and costly than Chapter 7. It’s suitable for businesses looking to regain profitability without liquidating assets.

Law Firm Practice Areas

State and Federal Court Litigation

Providing comprehensive bankruptcy services, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 filings, to help businesses and individuals manage and overcome financial distress effectively….. Read More

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Representing clients in a wide range of legal disputes in both state and federal courts, ensuring robust defense and advocacy in complex litigation matters. … Read More

Business bankruptcy lawyer

Offering legal guidance on corporate governance, securities regulation, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance to help businesses navigate the regulatory landscape… Read More

Real Estate bankruptcy lawyer

Assisting clients with transactions, leasing, development, and litigation related to commercial real estate, ensuring thorough legal support for property-related matters… Read More

Insolvency and Loan Workouts:

Our experienced attorneys assist businesses facing insolvency by providing tailored solutions for debt management and financial recovery. We specialize in loan workouts, negotiating with creditors to restructure existing debt terms and avoid bankruptcy. Our goal is to create manageable repayment plans or reduce debt burdens, allowing businesses to regain financial stability while maintaining operations. Through strategic planning and expert legal advice, we help businesses navigate complex financial challenges and work towards sustainable recovery. Contact us to learn how we can support your business through insolvency and loan workout processes.

Business Bankruptcies:

We represent Debtors in regular Chapter 11 cases or Small Business Reorganization Act (“SBRA”) subchapter V Chapter 11 cases. SBRA is available to those who have 50% or more in business debt and no more than $7,500,000 in liquidated debt and is generally much less expensive than a normal Chapter 11 case as there are no U.S. Trustee’s quarterly fees and no need to file a disclosure statement. In a SBRA case, a trustee is appointed to, among other things, facilitate a plan between the debtor and creditors which could be a reorganization or a liquidating plan. We also represent entities in Chapter 7 liquidations.

Our Chapter 11 debtor services include all aspects of representation from filing the petition and a disclosure statement and plan to obtaining plan confirmation. We also file any necessary applications and motions in the bankruptcy case such as applications to retain professionals for the estate, removing lawsuits to the bankruptcy court, disclosure statements, proposed plans, or any type of motion needed to advance the case toward plan confirmation.

Our creditor representation focuses on protecting a creditor’s lien rights and includes, but is not limited to objecting to: (i) motions to use cash collateral, (ii) critical vendor motions, (iii) Notices of Insider Compensation, (iv) motions to determine value of security, (v) disclosure statements, (vi) chapter 11 plans, and (vii) fee applications. We also defend creditors from any adversary actions for preferences, avoidable transfers, or to determine the validity, priority, and extent of a lien.

Individual Bankruptcies:

We represent debtors seeking to discharge some or all of their debts in Chapter 7. We also defend defendants in adversary proceedings for denial of discharge under 11 U.S.C. §§ 523(a) and 727(a) and any contested matter to be heard in the Bankruptcy Court such as motions for relief from stay or an objection to a claim of exemption.

We represent Debtors in regular Chapter 11 cases or Small Business Reorganization Act (“SBRA”) subchapter V Chapter 11 cases. SBRA is available to those who have 50% or more in business debt and no more than $7,500,000 in liquidated debt and is generally much less expensive than a normal Chapter 11 case as there are no U.S. Trustee’s quarterly fees and no need to file a disclosure statement. In a SBRA case, a trustee is appointed to, among other things, facilitate a plan between the debtor and creditors which could be a reorganization or a liquidating plan.

We represent creditors in all aspects of an individual Chapter 7 case such as filing a proof of claim, defending an objection to a proof of claim, motions for relief from stay, objections to a debtor’s claim of exemption, etc. We also defend creditors from lawsuits filed by Chapter 7 Trustees such as preference actions under 11 U.S.C. § 547 or voidable transfer actions under the Bankruptcy Code or state law.

We also represent Chapter 7 Trustees as counsel for the bankruptcy estate to handle all general matters such as motions to sell the property of the estate, objections to proofs of claim, objections to claims of exemptions, and turnover motions. We also represent Trustees as special counsel by filing adversary matters to recover particular assets for the estate as preferences or voidable transfers.

Bankruptcy Motions:

Our legal team is proficient in handling bankruptcy motions, which are critical filings in bankruptcy proceedings. These motions can include requests to dismiss or convert cases, motions for relief from automatic stay, and objections to claims.

By effectively preparing and arguing these motions, we ensure that your interests are represented and protected throughout the bankruptcy process. Our expertise helps streamline the proceedings, addressing any legal challenges that arise and facilitating a smoother path to financial resolution. Contact us to discuss how we can assist with your specific bankruptcy motion needs.

Bankruptcy Adversary Matters:

Our firm specializes in handling bankruptcy adversary proceedings, which are lawsuits filed within the context of a bankruptcy case. These proceedings can involve disputes over dischargeability of debts, fraudulent transfers, and preferential payments. Our attorneys are adept at representing clients in these complex matters, ensuring that their rights are protected and their interests are vigorously defended. We provide strategic legal advice and robust representation to navigate these intricate legal challenges effectively. Contact us for expert assistance with bankruptcy adversary matters and to safeguard your financial future.

Bankruptcy Appeals:

We represent debtors, creditors, trustees and third parties in bankruptcy appeals to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Bankruptcy Appellate Panel, or to the United States District Court for the Central District of California. We can prosecute or defend any appeal. Should either the appellant or appellee be unsatisfied with the outcome at the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel or the U.S. District Court, we can then represent the client in a further appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

State and Federal Court Litigation:

We are also active in state and federal court in defending debtors and prosecuting creditor rights on notes, invoices and guarantees (or whenever a creditor is owed money), and defending or enforcing Judgments. These actions include post-judgment enforcement and if necessary voidable transfer actions to recover debtor property improperly transferred to a third party. Frequently, we obtain writs of attachment so the client can have a pre-judgment lien against the debtor’s personal and real property.

We also defend debtors in the collection, alter ego and guarantee actions and represent creditors in the same. We further prosecute and defend limited liability and corporate shareholder disputes.

Corporate Law:

We advise and help small and mid-sized businesses on pre-incorporation planning, corporate formation, including recommending the best corporate entity to accomplish your objectives, share issuance, corporate compliance and securities law issues.

Transactional Law:

We represent small and mid-sized businesses and individuals in transactions such as lease agreements and contracts to help our clients create strong agreements to protect their interests.

Commercial Real Estate Law:

We represent small and mid-sized businesses and individuals in the acquisition and sale and financing of a variety of real estate assets, including retail centers, office buildings, multi-family developments and other commercial properties. Our firm is also adept at resolving liens and other title problems.


Located in Los Angeles, California, FLP Law Group is a highly regarded bankruptcy law firm specializing in assisting businesses in Torrance seeking bankruptcy relief. Our team of experienced bankruptcy attorneys is well-versed in the intricate nature of business bankruptcy and is committed to guiding our clients through the process with assurance.

  • Experienced Attorneys: Our attorneys are experts in business bankruptcy law with years of experience.
  • Personalized Service: We provide customized legal strategies that fit your unique business needs.
  • Local Expertise: As a Torrance-based law firm, we understand the local business landscape and legal environment.

We recognize that grappling with financial difficulties can be an overwhelming ordeal for business owners. That’s why we are here to provide assistance. With a profound comprehension of bankruptcy laws in Torrance, California, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will accompany you every step of the way, encompassing bankruptcy filing, debt restructuring, and negotiations with creditors.

Get Legal Assistance From Small Business Bankruptcy Attorneys in Torrance by contacting us.


How do I know if my business should file for bankruptcy?

Determining if your business should file for bankruptcy involves assessing the following key factors:

Financial Distress

  • Insolvency: Debts exceed assets, preventing financial obligations from being met.
  • Cash Flow Problems: Persistent issues paying bills and operational costs.

Debt Management

  • Unmanageable Debt Levels: Overwhelming debt without feasible restructuring options.
  • Creditor Pressure: Continuous pressure from creditors and collection agencies.

Legal and Strategic Considerations

  • Pending Lawsuits: Significant legal challenges impacting business viability.
  • Failed Negotiations: Unsuccessful attempts to negotiate debt relief or payment extensions.

Can My Business Continue to Operate During Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Yes, your business can continue to operate during Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 is designed for business reorganization, allowing you to keep your business running while restructuring debts. As a “debtor in possession,” you maintain control of your business operations, but significant decisions require court approval. This process aims to help businesses become profitable again by renegotiating terms with creditors and adjusting operations to improve financial stability.

For detailed guidance and to ensure compliance with all legal requirements, consult with a business bankruptcy attorney.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Business Bankruptcy Process?

The duration of the business bankruptcy process varies depending on the type of bankruptcy filed:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Typically takes 3 to 6 months to complete, involving liquidation of assets to pay off debts.
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Can take several months to a few years, as it involves reorganizing the business and restructuring debts while continuing operations.

Each case is unique, so consulting with a business bankruptcy attorney can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific circumstances.

What Are the Costs Associated with Filing for Business Bankruptcy?

The costs of filing for business bankruptcy can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Filing Fees: Court filing fees vary by bankruptcy type. For instance, Chapter 7 has a filing fee of around $335, while Chapter 11 can be upwards of $1,717.
  • Attorney Fees: Legal fees depend on the complexity of the case and the attorney’s experience. Chapter 11 cases, being more complex, generally incur higher legal fees.
  • Administrative Costs: Additional costs may include fees for financial analysis, document preparation, and court-required courses.

Consulting with a bankruptcy attorney can provide a detailed estimate tailored to your specific situation.


United States District Court Affirms Fourth Fee Order After FLP Knocked Out $5 million in Claims


FLP’s judgment creditor client Remares Global, LLC levied, pre-petition, on about $3,033,215.05 that debtor fraudulently transferred to his irrevocable trust. The trustee asserted Remares was entirely unsecured and that all was property of the bankruptcy estate.

FLP Law Group LLP Recovers 100% Plus Attorney Fees and Interest for Client and Successfully Defends Appeal.


FLP attorney Alan Forsley obtained an $865,000 judgment, including attorney fees, for its plaintiff client. Forsley then defeated defendant’s motion to vacate the judgment and proceeded to collect 100% of the judgment plus interest and attorney’s fees.

FLP Obtains Individual Debtor Discharge in Contested Chapter 11 Case and removal of $1 million of Judgment Liens Against Her Home


Debtor’s 2009 Chapter 11 case was closed after consummation of her confirmed plan by prior counsel. Notwithstanding the confirmed plan, two pre-petition law firms each obtained $500,000 judgments against Debtor and recorded liens against her multi-million home.



State bar of California


I am forever grateful to Alan Forsley for defending me from an extremely aggressive creditor by winning two separate trials and 10 appeals that flowed from those trials and my bankruptcy case.

D. Davis

Attorney Alan Forsley took the time to truly understand the complexity of my case and planned ahead with a winning strategy. Alan was very professional and always willing to explain strategies to me so I could learn and understand throughout the process. With his experience and knowledge, Alan helped my family and I receive a fantastic settlement!

A. Han

I feel extremely fortunate that Alan Forsley was willing and able to represent me when I discovered that I was being betrayed and defrauded by my fiduciary with whom I had a relationship of more than ten years. Due to Alan’s diligence and expertise I was able to recover in excess of a million dollars of assets.

B. Wilkerson


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